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Talking about Women's Health reaches a new generation of women who don't like the way most women's magazines make them feel.
Women's Health is for the woman who wants to reach a healthy, attractive weight but doesn't equate that with having thighs the size of toothpicks. We know that exercising and eating well will make you happier and stronger (even if after-work runs can really suck). That looking and feeling good have very little to do with cosmetics and high heels (though they can help you feel glamorous on a Saturday night). And that life can be stressful since there's never enough time, but balance is achievable (with a little help).
Most of all, WH focuses on what you can do, right now, to improve your life. site provides professional knowledge about 

airspun loose face powder

Best Setting Powder Buying Guide
However, any mistake in choosing the right setting powder can lead to loss of money and energy. So, for your ease, we have gathered some buying guides for helping you choose the perfect one.

▲ Look for the matching shade:

Always buy that setting powder which matches your skin tone. Any darker or lighter shade will not only degrade the outlook of your makeup but also degrade your personality as well. Give it a try from a tester available in the shops to have an idea of how it will look like when you will apply it.

▲ Look for weight:

After you have selected the matching skin tone setting powder, look for that which is light in weight. Having applied a heavier setting powder makes the foundation to look cakey and patchy.
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